What do counselling, coaching and play have to offer as ways of dealing with workplace bullying?

Anne-Marie Quigg comments: “During the last few months I have been investigating ways to deal with workplace bullying and the stress it causes. To date, counselling, coaching and play therapy (yes, for adults) are emerging as routes offering interesting possibilities. Professionals in each of these three areas are contributing their opinions and experiences, and details will be published shortly. We all may benefit from thinking laterally about solutions.”


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2 Responses to What do counselling, coaching and play have to offer as ways of dealing with workplace bullying?

  1. Ben says:

    A well established, professional, and organized company should not tolerate bullying. You would think and HR department and hiring manager would have been trained to weed out the bad potentials. Furthermore, rules should be made clear in the employee hand books about such behavior. So to sum things up, I find work place bullying a strange occurrence for professionals adults.

    • jacksonquigg says:

      Ben, I agree with you entirely. Workplace bullying is intolerable, but sadly it does happen. We need to equip staff members and management to handle it better. Policies and employee handbooks are only as good as their implementation. Thank you for your comment.

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