The Emerald Isle – good for heart and soul

Ok, so it’s my home country, but, honestly, sometimes I need to be reminded of just how  fantastic it is to spend time in Ireland. I had a great week in the clean, fresh air of Donegal with himself, plus my son and granddaughter, and we had the most wonderful fun break – despite the weather.

That’s not fair really, we had the usual ‘four seasons in a day’ mix, moving from rain to sunshine via rainbows, closely followed by glowering clouds and then hail (and that was just the first day). The weather settled a bit halfway through and my granddaughter went horse-riding on the beach, paddling in the sea and tumbling down the sand dunes at Dunfanaghy.

The excellent food and the Guinness promoted our good humour on every occasion. We all enjoyed great seafood at The Water’s Edge and also The Lobster Pot, and had a cosy picnic in a secluded cove near Burtonport, with a visit to Tropical World to commune with butterflies.

With fresh pastries every morning, courtesy of The Green Man, and warm turf fires every evening, it was hard to leave Ireland behind again – and I still say Irish people are the most welcoming and hospitable folks in the world. Why else is the word for ‘tourist’ the same as the word for ‘welcome’ in Gaeilge?

Céad míle fáilte romhat. A hundred thousand welcomes to you. 🙂


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