Social media and bullying update: March 2013

Recently, a friend who had been bullied in a new job was relieved (and lucky!) when the perpetrator left after inflicting 15 months of hell, using isolation and exclusion as their weapons. He’s now joined me and 501 other members on a closed group on the LinkedIn website, Workplace Bullying.

On Facebook I *like* Beatbullying, and so do 62,553 others, as well as Anton Hout’s Overcome Bullying page (571 likes). Lee Hirsch’s documentary Bully is also featured on a special FB page with 188, 973 likes – it has succeeded in reversing the original film rating in the US, so that the young people it should be reaching are allowed to see it.

Over on Twitter, some of the same organisations have a profile, and also look out for @bullyinguk. I’m still new to Google+ and still exploring, but I know that lots of anti-bullying organisations will be set up there too.

If you have any suggestions for a useful discussion forum or online group please let me know and I’ll be sure to include the details.

Coming shortly: For some time I have been planning to write more about cyberbullying. This is a form of bullying that uses text messages, SMS, emails and malicious postings of text, photographs and video on social networking sites. I’m very happy to hear from those who have relevant experiences. Contact me via the JQA website.


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4 Responses to Social media and bullying update: March 2013

  1. lisa says:

    Hi Anne-Marie, In relation to cyber bullying: Cyber bullying which can happen in workplaces where people use facebook to spread malicious gossip and the employer allows it because they don’t have a internet usage policy in place. Yet becuase the employer (like many employers) has their own facebook page they allow staff to be constantly on facebook during the workday. Facebook bullying and texting can spread malicious comments very quickly around an office much quicker than people talking face to face, it can be a very fast way of bullying someone and to have ‘a laugh’ at someone else expense. I would love your view on gallows humour and bullying. When does gallows humour become bullying? If the victim is not laughing at themselves then surely it is bullying. Can a bully or bullies hide behind gallows humour to get away with their behaviour thereby being supported by their employer . Happy Easter Lisa

  2. jacksonquigg says:

    Hi Lisa and Happy Easter. Yes, I think cyberbullying is a major problem and bullies will use any media available because bullying is about power and control. Unwanted jokes – such as the gallows humour you describe – can be really malicious and cowardly people will do things secretly or take advantage of the anonymity the internet provides to be deliberately hurtful. If employers know bullying is going on and don’t take action they are effectively colluding with the bully and condoning the behaviour, which is shameful.

  3. Hi there, I’m looking to interview someone about their experiences of cyber bullying for Cosmopolitan UK, do get in touch if you have a story to share that can help to stamp this behavior out.

    • jacksonquigg says:

      Hi Harriet
      I think you’ll find there are lots of people with experiences of workplace bullying, some of which includes cyberbullying. I’m happy to put the word out – you may be inundated with examples. If you’re interested in a wider piece about workplace bullying, just let me know. Good luck with the research.

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