If school bullying came to the workplace… literally

This is an interesting way to explore school bullying – it transposes the childish and adolescent behaviour to an office workplace.

For those who don’t speak French, the final caption reads: “A day at work doesn’t resemble this. And a day at school?”

France 5 has contributed a thought-provoking piece – I’m just longing to see and hear the outstanding work that will be produced by the artists and creatives who finally manage to capture the subtlety and quiet menace of the workplace bully… wherever they are and in whichever medium best conveys the message.

Le Monde en face : Harcèlement à l’école – France 5 (BA)Production : Les Télécréateurs

Conception & Réalisation : Vincent Lobelle
Chef opérateur : Nicolas Loir
Musique : Michael Andrews featuring Gary Jules – Mad World (alternate version of original by Roland Orzabal of Tears for Fears)
Direction artistique France 5 : Eric Rinaldi


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